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Academic Programs

Foresta School follows a curriculum and instructional approach that emphasizes project-based learning and aligns with established standards. While specific guidelines for lesson planning and delivery may vary, the following principles are generally encouraged: 

Project-Based Learning  

The school encourages hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences where students actively engage in projects and real-world problem-solving. Lessons should be designed to promote critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills. 

Standards Alignment  

Teachers are expected to align their lessons and activities with the curriculum standards established by the school. These standards provide a framework for instructional planning and ensure that students are exposed to the necessary content and skills at each grade level.  You can read more about our approach below.


We use the following standards based on the subject matter. We are newly and slowly implementing an arts program for the 2023-2024 school year.

Math Curriculum

Often our students come in at different math levels and there we have elected to use adaptive math curriculum in order to meet students at where they are at.

Science, Sustainability, and Agriculture

We are proud of our agriculture program, which teaches all students the basics of regenerative agriculture as a pathway to food security. Our students learn about the importance of sustainable agriculture and the role it plays in preserving our planet for future generations, while increasing food security and self-reliance.  We develop this program while also enlisting proven curriculum to ensure standards are met. 

ELA and Social Studies

Our dedicated teachers put in tremendous effort, utilizing a well-established curriculum and employing an integrated approach that combines our ELA and social studies programs. Our project-based model frequently brings these two programs together, fostering a cohesive learning experience.

Foresta 4H Club

Foresta 4H club aims to guide students in their process of discovery. Each participant will be working on their own 4H project and will also be involved in the school garden.

This is our offering to the world

Excellence in education, small class settings (1:10 teacher/student ratio), a safe space where children from all backgrounds, ethnicities, preferences, ideologies, beliefs, and cultures can grow together harmoniously.

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